by Billy on December 21, 2011

The world seems lost to me;
I’m on it’s very edge.
I shield my eyes.
The first rays steal the horizon,

sea of sand between us.

Heat pulses, dunes shift,
the Shimmers dance;
they rise, they fade away.

Body screams rebellion;
another day in hell?
The heat gathers in the sand,
baking all that dares upon it.

The wind calls;
another conspirator
laughing at my death.
Carrion circle, waiting for the fall.

Not today.
My legs remember now,
their stride slowly returns.
I rise up from my fear,
untouchable once again.


This week’s Indie Ink Challenge came from Sunshine at Awesome Title Here,  she gave me this prompt: You’re in a funk; how do you get out of it?

I challenged Gráinne Ní Mháille at The Grace of Pirates with the prompt: You’re sitting in a diner by yourself, all around you are the noises of other people’s busyness; for them the world is spinning ‘round, for you it’s standing still. Tell us your story.

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October 26, 2011
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I may be an old man now, but I’m not so old I can’t see the winds of change blowing. I hear the critics and the fearful doing their public best to tear down and discredit the free will of these people.

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Of Lives Lived

October 16, 2011
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The paper and pen are there to tell those who find me what I’ve done, the water is to make a difficult task easier and the pills, my final choice on how I leave this life and go on to the next.

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